5 Personal Sewing Challenge Ideas

5 Personal Sewing Challenge Ideas by RMJETdesigns

Buttonholes, zippers, snaps, oh my! There are so many challenging techniques in sewing.

I personally steer away from patterns and designs that include zippers. I will ALWAYS look for alternative designs that feature different closures.

Snaps? I finally got the hang of those after spending a lot of time sewing items with snaps.

Buttonholes? Nope! Not a fan of those either, but at least they are easier (for me) than zippers.

Straps? Ugh! I can never get two straps to look the same! They are usually wonky looking and uneven.

I’m sure you could name a few of your own sewing techniques that you dread. Maybe you avoid these patterns and designs, too.

So, one day I finally decided I would create my own Personal Sewing Challenge and tackle these techniques head on. I’ll let you know how it goes! My plan is to tackle each of these techniques one at a time. Honestly, I have enough scrap fabric laying around to give them a try. First I will start with buttonholes. Then I’ll move on to zippers and straps. Watch for an update!

All this talk of my own personal sewing challenge prompted me to write this post. Maybe you would benefit from your own sewing challenge. It doesn’t need to be like mine… I mean, it is personal after all.

There are several Sewing Challenges you could do (I may even create a different one for myself if the buttonhole idea doesn’t go so well).

What are a few Personal Sewing Challenge ideas? I came up with a list of 5 off the top of my head. Maybe they will help you create your own.

Let’s begin with my list of 5 IDEAS FOR A PERSONAL SEWING CHALLENGE:

  1. TECHNIQUES & SKILLS:  As I previously mentioned challenging yourself to use patterns and designs that cause you to practice the techniques and skills you avoid is a great personal sewing challenge.

  1. MAKE YOUR OWN CLOTHES: This is a fun sewing challenge that I would love to participate in! I think I would narrow this challenge down to making my own clothes for a season. Or even tops to wear for a season. Maybe even pants/skirts/bottoms to wear for a season. This would be a fun one for the upcoming Spring and Summer season. All the lightweight fabrics with a beautiful drape sounds so fun to me.

  1. TRY NEW GADGETS: Oh, the possibilities are endless with this one! I’ll admit I’m an “old school” sewist and have always used pins to hold my fabric in place. Recently I discovered those clips you guys are all using and let me tell you how much of a game changer those little gadgets are for me! I know I’m late to the party, but whoa… those are the best! Maybe you could benefit from challenging yourself to try out a few new gadgets.

  1. ZERO WASTE SEWING: Okay, this is another thing I want to try. I always have those dreaded pieces left over and no idea how to use them. I’ve watched others create beautiful items with zero waste and really want to try something. Or even use my scraps for something creative.

  1. ORGANIZING: Okay, this one I REALLY need to do! Organize your sewing room, supplies, fabric, thread, and so much more. This would be a great 30 Day Challenge with small tasks for every day. I think if it’s in an easy to do format I would be more willing to do it. I mean, honestly, if you only finished 10 days of it at least you’d have something organized, right?

I hope these ideas help you create your own Personal Sewing Challenge. I’m interested in what you come up with, how you implement your challenge, and how you did! I’ll share my experience here as well.

5 Personal Sewing Challenge Ideas by RMJETdesigns