Naturally Dyeing Yarn and Fiber: Common Plants to Use

Dyeing yarn and fiber is nothing new to us, but this year a new journey is unfolding. This year, we will begin naturally dyeing our yarn and fiber with plants growing in our own garden and with our currently established plants.

Today, we planted several plants which will (based on research) yield colors we desire. I can't wait to see how this unfolds and the colors we achieve! Stay tuned for pictures and videos as we share our journey!

Now, onto the reason for this post. I want to share with you common plants to plant and grow which you can use in naturally dyeing your own yarn and fiber. 

Keep in mind that there is a process to dyeing yarn & fiber. There is a "recipe" involved with many variants which I cannot explain. I'm not a scientist. I'm not a botanist. I'm not an expert. I simply love using my creativity and creating with nature!

I cannot explain why one plant works to create a color. I don't know the answer to why different mordants work with different plants or fibers.

I do know there is something greater at work here, I do know it's fun, and I do know watching the transformation and dyeing process is amazing.

So, are you ready to look at common plants to grow and use in naturally dyeing yarn and fibers?

Let's begin...

I created this list separated by colors to be achieved with each plant. I will include the part of the plant used in dyeing according to my research...

Marigold (flower)
GoldenRod (plant)
Turmeric (root or powder)
Brown Onion (skins)
Annatto (seed)
Sage (leaf)
Rosemary (leaves)

Eucalyptus (leaves)
Alder (bark)
Carrot (roots)
Lilac (twigs)
Sassafras (leaves)

Black Eyed Susan (flower)
Echinacea (flower)
Sage (leaf)
Snapdragon (flower)
Rosemary (leaves)

Cornflower (flower)
Hyacinth (flower)
Geraniums (flower)
Basil (leaves) - gray/purple color

Hibiscus (flower)
Roses (flower)
Avocado (fruit)

Iris (roots)
Black Beans (dried)
Basil (leaves) - grey/purple color

Coffee (grounds)
Tea (leaves)
Hollyhock (flower)
Echinacea (flower)
Dandelion (root)

Have you used these plants to naturally dye your yarn or fiber? I would love to hear your stories in the comments below...